The Toddler Program

Then he dismounted from his horse and entered the palace, where he found two other ladies, both of the same age, the elder sisters of the first one. He began to thank the fairy for having delivered him from danger, but she and her sisters, to show their joy, had a handsome banquet served in golden dishes.

  • They gave the horse liberty to graze wherever it chose, and afterward made it acquainted with all the wild beasts, so that it might rove about the forest in peace.
  • The ladies entreated the prince to stay with them, saying that it was so tiresome to be alone.
  • He did not wait to be asked a second time, but accepted the offer with the satisfaction of a man who has found precisely what he sought.

The Scorpion Witch

By degrees they became accustomed to live together; the prince told them his story and related what he had suffered before meeting them, and after some time he married the youngest sister. I wish you good health, master, I’m going back to the place from which I came. If you want to go too, mount quickly, and we’ll be off.

The Woodpecker Fairy

At their wedding permission was granted to him to go wherever he liked in the neighborhood; they only begged him not to enter one valley, which they pointed out, otherwise some misfortune would befall him; it was called, they said, the Valley of Lamentation.