a) Admission

• Children are provided admission any time during the academic year depending on the availability on seats. • Parents are requested to take the prior appointment before visiting the Bells Premise. • Parents have to visit the Bells Environment before enrolling the child. • The confirmation of your child admission is done only after the payment. • All the payments should be received only in the form of Cheque. • In case the parents are opting for the Instalments, only two instalments are provided, I - instalment by current dated and II - instalment in posted dated cheque and both the cheques have to be handed over at the Bells office before the admission • The parents who wish to continue their children for the next academic year are requested to speak to the management and get their seats allocated. Allocation is done only after the payment. • This admission fees is exclusively for the Montessori only. This does not included any of the after school programmes are events conducted by Bells Montessori. • Here at Bells we take children from 2 years onwards and within 3 years only. In case if the child has been with the other Montessori environment for the previous years we can possibly check out for the admission on the availability of seats. • Payment will not be refunded at any cost.

b) Guidelines:-

• Bells Montessori timings will be from 9:30 AM to 12:30PM and kindly pick the child on allotted timings if any changes will be communicated. • Snack Box – Simple food and kindly avoid Non Vegetarian and send the water bottle and napkin along with in. • 1 extra dress and nappy should be sent if the child is used to the diaper. • Medium of instruction will be in English. • Please use the ID card if other than the parents are coming to pick up the child. Loss of the ID card should be reported immediately to management and duplicate will be issued by charging Rs. 100/- • Kindly avoid sending the child in case the child is sick. At the cost and benefit of rest of the ward in the Montessori. • Please avoid the child commuting with the very loved once. • Please drop the child at the gate and after handing over the child to the concern person at the Montessori venue parents/Guardians are requested to vacate the premises. • Parents are advised not to send their children’s with valuable articles like gold jewellery, watches and other valuable things and authorities will not undertake any responsibility for the same. • However in case if the child has got any of the Montessori material to home without the notice of the Montessori adult please returns it back. • Parents are requested not to enter the work environment directly without the concern permission. • Kindly trim the children nails and hair such that same should not be an hindrance to the child while working with the materials. • Parents are requested to inform the faculties/Montessori if there are any changes in their address and telephone numbers in writing. • Parents are requested to check for Almanac every day in case given. • In case if the parents wish to discuss with the adult/Management the parents are requested to take the appointment in prior. Discussion with the adult or other Bells Members are not permitted otherwise. • Send the Bells Badges daily, there are few activities which may require the students to pin their badges before leaving the Bells premise and also during the outings and filed trips. • Please inform prior to concern adult in case the child takes long leaves. • Parents are requested to attend all the meetings as and when communicated. • Parents are required to co-operate with the Bells Montessori in its attempt to help their children progress by paying attention to their regularity, Punctuality and discipline.